New Egypt Results – 5/31/14


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New Egypt Speedway


The NERS 305 Sprint Car 20 lap feature saw Kyle Reinhardt of Neptune City, NJ win for the first time in 2014 as he passed Stephanie Palmai with just two laps remaining. Reinhardt made the winning pass powering around the outside of Palmai coming off of turn four at the two-to-go signal, just before the Red lights appeared for Ryan Stillwagon, who had flipped down the pit entrance gate. Mike Haggenbottom took up the chase on the restart but had nothing for the leader as Reinhardt posted his 6th career 305 Sprint victory at the track…the most All-Time. Haggenbottom was a strong second followed by the point leader Tim Tanner, who came all the way from 18th starting spot. Palmai completed another strong run in fourth after leading for 17 laps, as she continues to get closer to that elusive first victory at NES. Previous winner Bobby Devault rounded out the top five.

NERS Sprint Feature (20 laps)- 1. Kyle Reinhardt 2. Mike Hagganbottom 3. Tim Tanner 4. Stephanie Palmai 5. Bob DeVault 6. Phil Meisner Jr. 7. David Brown Jr. 8. Ed Wagner 9. Justin Hoffman 10. Rick Stief 11. Joe Lord 12. Tommy Carberry Jr. 13. Chuck Palmucci 14. Scott Frack 15. John Snook 16. Brian Nixon 17. Harris Kohen 18. Brad Franks 19. Ian Borden 20. Ryan Stillwaggon 21. Neal Williams 22. Jimmy Carpenter 23. Erica Palmai 24. Jeff Geiges


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