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On a beautiful night for racing the Hilborn TSRS racers were finally able to complete a night of racing. With 30 plus cars lining the pits mother nature finally smiled down on the competitors as they were able give the fans a long awaited racing event. After eight different winners had claimed feature wins this season, Kyle Reinhardt drove his Bruce Kindberg entry into the winner’s circle to be the first driver to earn two wins this season. Reinhardt was the winner in the fifth race of the season and picked up his second win just four races later. Bob DeVault was the early race leader but he tangled with a lapped car on lap seven and flipped in turn two. Reinhardt had raced his way to the front from his seventh place start and bested Adam Carberry  to the finish line for the win. Eddie Wagner finished third followed by 2012 TSRS Champion, Mike Haggenbottom. Kyle Purks, winner of the last TSRS outing at Bridgeport Speedway, finished fifth. The TSRS Sprint Car heat race victors were Karl Freyer, Kyle Reinhardt, and Ed Newhouser. Mark Sasso won the consolation race.

Heat 1 – 1. Karl Freyer 2. Eddie Wagner 3. Stef Palmai 4. Mike Haggenbottom 5. Tim Tanner, Jr. 6. Jamie Kostic

Heat 2 – 1. Kyle Reinhardt 2. Joe Lord, Jr. 3.    Adam Carberry 4. Kyle Purks 5. Mark Bittner 6. Brittany Tresch

Heat 3 – 1. Ed Newhouser 2. Anthony Sesely 3.    Bob DeVault 4. Dave Brown, Jr. 5. Rick Stief 6. Kevin Nagy Consolation – 1. Mark    Sasso 2. Jon Haegele 3. Bryant Davis 4. Justin Hoffman

5. Tommy Carberry 6. Erika Palmai
HILBORN/TSRS SPRINT CAR FEATURE – 20 LAPS 1. KYLE REINHARDT 2. Adam Carberry 3. Eddie Wagner 4. Mike Haggenbottom 5. Kyle Purks 6. Anthony Sesely 7. Karl Freyer 8. Joe Lord, Jr. 9. Rick Stief 10. Tim Tanner, Jr. 11. Stef Palmai 12. Jon Haegele 13. Jamie Kostic 14. Justin Hoffman 15. Erika Palmai 16. Dave Brown, Jr. 17. Ed Newhouser 18. Kevin Nagy 19. Bryant Davis 20. Mark Bittner 21. Tommy Carberry 22. Brittany Tresch 23. Mark Sasso 24. Bob DeVault



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